A10 Thunder CGN powers video gamers at QuakeCon 2017

A10 Networks
A10 Networks today said its A10 Thunder CGN (Carrier-Grade Networking) will be powering gamers at QuakeCon 2017 to ensure availability and continuity for players.

QuakeCon, a video game competition, is North America’s largest BYOC (bring-your-own-computer) LAN party, taking place Aug. 24 to 27 in Dallas, Texas.

“The CGN technology from A10 Networks fills an essential role in the success of that infrastructure right at the edge, supporting workloads from game patching to critical outbound streaming all at the same time,” said Travis “Ash” Bradshaw, executive director for QuakeCon 2017.

A10 Networks supplies CGN, Threat Protection System (TPS) and ADC solutions helping accelerate and protect three of the four top gaming companies in the United States.

A10 Networks’ Thunder CGN helps cloud providers, service providers, and large enterprises manage IPv4 and IPv6 translation between various devices and networks. In addition, world’s top service providers rely on A10 Networks’ Thunder CGN to preserve existing IPv4 infrastructure investments as well as manage IPv6 migration.

“A massive network-based gaming event like QuakeCon demands infrastructure that delivers speed, reliability, security and scale, which is why QuakeCon trusts A10. With A10 Thunder CGN, it’s ‘game on’ at QuakeCon,” said Rob Justice, A10’s director of systems engineering.

A10’s Thunder CGN offers performance of 300 Gbps and 512 million concurrent sessions in a single appliance. A10 Thunder CGN also offers up to two and a half times the performance of competing solutions with less than half the data center footprint.

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