Supply chain leaders in Asia Pacific

Supply chain technology leaders in Asia Pacific: IDC

Leading research agency IDC has identified top 10 innovative projects in supply chain business in the Asia Pacific region. IDC Supply Chain Technology Leaders Recognition...


HPE for business

HPE presents new partner program called HPE Partner Ready Vantage

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) announced a new partner program, HPE Partner Ready Vantage – at HPE Global Partner Summit 2022. HPE Partner Ready Vantage is purpose-built...


digital transformation of Satander

Santander names Hector Grisi as CEO in digital transformation push

Spain’s Santander has named Hector Grisi as its new chief executive officer to oversee the bank’s digital transformation and growth strategy. Santander Global CIO is David...


SaaS pricing

Pricing your SaaS product

In the digital age, software is becoming a more and more prevalent product. However, pricing your SaaS product may seem like a difficult undertaking...


Oracle Cloud for CIOs

Oracle achieves 5% growth in revenue lifted by Cloud sales

Oracle reported 5 percent growth in revenue to $11.84 billion for the fourth quarter ended May 31, 2022 – lifted by Cloud sales. Oracle’s total...



IOT in healthcare

IoT spending in Europe forecast to reach $208 bn: IDC

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Google South Korea

Jobindex files antitrust complaint against Google for Jobs

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