Kaspersky Unveils Kaspersky Next Product Line to Combat Evolving Cyberthreats

Kaspersky, a cybersecurity company based in Russia, has announced the launch of its latest flagship product line Kaspersky Next.
Kaspersky Next cyber security solutionsThis innovative line integrates robust endpoint protection with the agility of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and the advanced capabilities of Extended Detection and Response (XDR). Tailored to meet varying business needs, Kaspersky Next offers three distinct product tiers designed to address the complexities of IT infrastructure and resource constraints.

In a recent survey conducted jointly by Kaspersky and Enterprise Strategy Group, it was revealed that 52 percent of companies find security operations more challenging today compared to previous years. Factors contributing to this difficulty include the ever-evolving threat landscape, expanding attack surfaces, and a shortage of cybersecurity expertise.

Subscription price of Kaspersky Next cyber security solutions indicates that customers can afford to buy the anti-virus software and protect from cyber attacks.

Kaspersky Next encompasses a suite of cybersecurity products featuring AI-powered endpoint protection. Going beyond traditional Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP), it seamlessly integrates EDR and XDR capabilities, enabling organizations of all sizes and industries to defend against sophisticated cyber threats effectively. EDR and XDR empower businesses with enhanced visibility, control, rapid response, and proactive threat hunting capabilities.

Offering deployment flexibility, Kaspersky Next supports both cloud and on-premise installations. Companies can manage it through a user-friendly console for core cybersecurity tasks or opt for an enterprise-grade console for more advanced monitoring and controls.

The new product line equips companies with essential cybersecurity functions to combat prevalent threats like ransomware, malware, and data breaches, while also addressing vulnerabilities such as Business Email Compromise and supply chain attacks.

Kaspersky Next introduces various automation features, including cloud monitoring, vulnerability management, and playbooks, to streamline threat detection and response. By automating routine cybersecurity tasks, it alleviates the burden on cybersecurity teams, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Comprising three product tiers, Kaspersky Next caters to diverse organizational needs:

Kaspersky Next EDR Foundations: Provides powerful endpoint protection with customizable security policies, ideal for companies managing information security internally.

Kaspersky Next EDR Optimum: Offers robust endpoint protection with advanced controls and patch management, suitable for organizations with limited cybersecurity resources.

Kaspersky Next XDR Expert: Delivers advanced threat detection and automated response capabilities, recommended for companies with experienced cybersecurity teams or Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Kaspersky solutions and services, Kaspersky Next offers companies scalability and adaptability to meet evolving cybersecurity requirements.

Anton Ivanov, Chief Technology Officer at Kaspersky, commented, “Kaspersky Next simplifies EDR and XDR for companies of all sizes. Our goal is to empower organizations to build reliable and cost-effective information security systems tailored to their specific needs.”

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