CIOs’ Expected Change in Technology Investments in 2024

Highlights of the 2024 Gartner CIO and Technology Executive Survey

In a notable shift, 45 percent of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are teaming up with their C-suite peers, particularly Chief Experience Officers (CXOs), to...
Lowe's investment in technology

Lowe’s Technological Investments Drive Profit Growth and Customer Satisfaction

In a remarkable display of the dividends reaped from its technology-driven initiatives, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. has announced significant improvements in its profit margins and...
Target job

Target Plans Digital Remodel to Enhance Customer Experience and Boost Sales

In a bid to revamp its digital offerings and elevate customer satisfaction, retail giant Target plans to undertake a significant digital experience overhaul in...
Walmart employees

Walmart Aims to Boost E-commerce Profitability, Indicates Strong Digital Investment

In a recent statement, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon outlined the company’s strategic focus on enhancing digital margins to drive e-commerce profitability. The retail giant...
Home Depot store associate

Home Depot’s Technology Investments Pay Off: Improving Customer Experience

In a bold move to enhance its workforce’s well-being and elevate customer satisfaction, Home Depot’s CEO, Ted Decker, has reported that the company’s substantial...
Wendy’s digital transformation

Wendy’s Rides Strong Digital Momentum, Expects $1.5 bn in Digital Sales in 2023

Wendy’s, which runs 7,000 restaurants worldwide, said it is set to achieve new heights in its digital sales, with an anticipated global digital sales...
Capital One

Capital One Embraces Technology Transformation for Business Growth and Customer Delight

Capital One Financial Corporation, led by Chief Executive Officer Richard D. Fairbank, has reaffirmed its commitment to leveraging modern technology capabilities to drive opportunities...
Unilever digital transformation

How Unilever’s digital transformation is boosting online business

Unilever, the multinational FMCG company, has revealed that its digital commerce revenue accounted for 15 percent of its total revenue of €60.1 billion in...
Nike’s digital transformation initiatives 2023

Nike’s growth powered by digital transformation

Nike has revealed that its operating expense increased 12 percent to $12.3 billion during fiscal year ended May 31, 2023 primarily due to wage-related...
CIO survey on hiring of IT employees

CIOs say they will increase their IT headcount: Gartner

81 percent of large enterprise (LE) CIOs are planning to increase their IT headcount in 2023, a survey conducted by Gartner shows. In contrast, only...


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