IDC Reveals Benefits from Digital Infrastructure Investments in India

Organizations in India that have invested in digital infrastructure have reaped substantial benefits, IDC report on Digital Infrastructure Investments said.
Tech trends for digital infrastructureIDC said 79 percent reported more than a 20 percent improvement in sustainability, while 75 percent experienced similar enhancements in time to market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to be a pivotal enabler of these advancements, particularly through the adoption of Generative AI (GenAI), which promises to revolutionize business innovation and modern digital frameworks.

Key findings from IDC’s AP Generative AI survey 2023 indicate a growing interest among C-Suite executives in leveraging GenAI to improve customer experiences and drive automation across various sectors. GenAI’s potential extends beyond customer-centric applications to encompass anomaly detection, integration across core, edge, and cloud environments, as well as the development of innovative applications and advanced data analytics capabilities.

IDC’s top predictions for India’s future digital infrastructure highlight several key trends:

Shift to as-a-service consumption model: Organizations are urged to accelerate infrastructure modernization and operations automation by embracing XaaS offerings, which streamline tasks, reduce complexity, and optimize resource utilization.

AI in Security: The integration of AI into the infrastructure stack is emphasized as essential for enhancing cybersecurity preparedness and resilience against evolving threats.

GenAI Skills Enhancement: GenAI-powered automation tools are touted as crucial for boosting the productivity and efficiency of IT teams grappling with the complexities of cloud-native technologies.

Adoption of At-ingest Data Classification Engines: As organizations prioritize data insights and governance, the adoption of data classification engines with automation capabilities is poised to increase, enabling IT teams to deliver greater value to the business.

Strong Partner Ecosystem: A shift towards solution-centric purchasing models underscores the importance of robust partner ecosystems in delivering comprehensive services and driving higher business value.

FinOps Practices for Cost Management: With the rise of hybrid cloud deployments, FinOps practices are expected to gain prominence in monitoring and optimizing infrastructure costs, including power consumption and cooling expenses.

Rajiv Ranjan, Associate Research Director at IDC India, emphasizes the transformative impact of these predictions on IT organizations, highlighting the shift towards strategic responsibilities and the growing reliance on solution and service providers. Ranjan underscores GenAI’s pivotal role in achieving business objectives and enhancing organizational capabilities.

In conclusion, IDC’s predictions align with the evolving strategic priorities of CXOs, emphasizing the imperative of creating secure, compliant, and resilient digital infrastructures powered by GenAI technologies. Ranjan foresees GenAI as the cornerstone of future technological advancements, driving substantial progress across various industries. News Desk

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