Infosys uses latest tech to enhance tennis experience at Australian Open

Infosys announced it will deploy advanced technology during the Australian Open to enhance tennis experiences for customers.
Tennis and SAP dealsInfosys, the Australian Open’s Official Digital Innovation Partner, and Tennis Australia are leveraging cloud, AI, 3D virtual experiences and mobility.

“Having Infosys on board as our digital innovation partner for the third year running has allowed us to optimize engagement with all stakeholders — fans, players, coaches, broadcast partners and sponsors,” Ben Slack, chief revenue officer of Tennis Australia said.

3D Court Vision allows individuals to watch tournament matches in an animated form, with data overlay for each shot. From speed to spin to serve placement, every detail of the game is available at a click of a button. Infosys uses Hawk Eye data to animate each shot in near real-time and empowers fans to analyse the game from any vantage point in the stadium.

A new AO Virtual Slam experience transports every fan into the Rod Laver Arena. 3D court views and data simulate the experience of playing at the AO, letting fans be a part of the glory. An enhanced AO Fan App will also deliver richer content and personalised journeys based on their interest areas, while guided navigation helps fans find their way within the new Melbourne Park zones set up due to COVID protocols.

In the dedicated AO player and coach app, the AI Video Analysis feature brings new intelligence to the hands of all players and their teams. The AI tool allows precise player and opponent assessment, be it the technique behind winning backhand drop shots or handling volley shots in long rallies. This feature allows coaches to provide guidance remotely from anywhere across the world by sharing live strategy notes in the app.

For the AO media team, AI Shot of the Day uses machine learning to rapidly identify match highlights, using multiple data points that are objective (such as fastest serve) and subjective (player emotion, crowd reaction and cruciality of the shot in context to the match).

A 3D AO Virtual Hub has been developed to overcome physical restrictions for partners and sponsors, who are integral to the AO business model. Powered by Infosys Meridian, the Virtual Hub is a premium experience for partners to access exclusive events, behind the scenes tours, tennis clinics, legend interactions, master chef sessions, live performances, 360 match viewing and more. It is expected to host over 12,000 VIPs across the globe during the tournament.