CeBIT 2014: ZTE showcases solutions for big data and mobile Internet

At the CeBIT 2014, Germany, ZTE is exhibiting a range of ICT products and solutions for big data and the mobile Internet.

Its ICT solutions include smart grid, digital oil and gas, smart city, intelligent transportation, public safety, smart healthcare, smart education, intelligent logistics and national broadband network solutions.

ZTE is also showcasing products and technologies including M2M, converged communication and major big data technologies, as well as a wide range of terminals for vertical applications and, in collaboration with its European partner, demonstrated an advanced video conferencing system.

Xu Ming, vice president of ZTE

In addition, ZTE will make several important new announcements based on new technologies.

Xu Ming, vice president of ZTE, said: “We are committed to providing customers with a range of efficient and converged ICT products, solutions and services, and helping enterprise customers obtain benefits from information-based intelligent businesses, precision marketing, emission reduction and efficiency promotion, and environmental protection.”

ZTE earlier said the enterprise business contributed around 10 percent of the ZTE’s annual revenue in 2013 and is scheduled to achieve 30 percent of the company’s overall revenue in the coming three to five years, becoming one of the company’s major pillars of growth and profit.

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