Cloudera Teams Up with PhonePe to Revolutionize Data Management and Innovation

In a groundbreaking partnership, Cloudera, a renowned data company specializing in trusted enterprise AI solutions, has joined forces with PhonePe, India’s leading fintech platform.
The collaboration aims to redefine data management and drive innovation within the fintech landscape. PhonePe has chosen the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) to usher in a new era of operational efficiency, scalability, agility, flexibility, and reliability.

As a rapidly expanding fintech giant, PhonePe faces the imperative challenge of efficiently managing its data cluster’s scale on a monolithic infrastructure. In response, PhonePe has recognized the significance of transitioning towards a hybrid data platform. To address these evolving data demands, Cloudera has introduced the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates data management and analytics across both on-premise and cloud environments.

A central pillar of CDP’s promise is Cloudera’s Shared Data Experience (SDX), a feature designed to ensure the platform’s security from the ground up. This security approach empowers PhonePe to access data regardless of its location, maintaining airtight security throughout. With CDP’s inherent flexibility, PhonePe gains the capability to fulfill a spectrum of business needs by migrating workloads with ease. Additionally, CDP provides enhanced support, facilitating PhonePe’s seamless transition and utilization of the platform’s subscription-based services. This empowers PhonePe to channel its focus towards continuous innovation in its data architecture.

Kisalay Ranjan, Head of Engineering at PhonePe, expresses enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to onboard one of the leading hybrid data companies, Cloudera, to manage our data better. With this partnership, we are confident in achieving greater operational efficiencies and delivering an even better customer experience. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our data journey, and we are excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead.”

“Our hybrid data platform includes an observability solution that offers maximum workload visibility, enables predictability of the workloads, and further minimizes the operational overheads,” Mayank Baid, Regional Vice President, India, Cloudera, said.

The partnership between Cloudera and PhonePe signifies a new chapter in the evolution of data management and innovation in the fintech sector. With the potent capabilities of Cloudera’s technology and PhonePe’s visionary approach, the collaboration is poised to reshape the landscape of digital services, offering customers an enhanced experience while setting new industry standards.

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