VeriFone brings First Data TransArmor solution for U.S. multi-lane and petroleum merchants

VeriFone Systems has introduced the VeriFone edition of the First Data TransArmor solution for U.S. multi-lane and petroleum merchants.

The TransArmor encryption and tokenization solution will address retailers’ need for enhanced payment security.

The TransArmor, VeriFone edition, enables First Data customers using VeriFone’s Secure PumpPay and MX series of EMV and NFC-enabled devices to take advantage of a security solution combining VeriFone’s VeriShield encryption along with tokenization technology from RSA, the Security Division of EMC.

Cardholder data benefits from protection from the moment it enters the merchant environment to First Data’s data center, utilizing VeriFone’s encryption technology.

Robinson Oil Corporation will roll out the TransArmor, VeriFone edition across its 34 Rotten Robbie retail locations after the pilot in July 2014.

Tom Robinson, president of Robinson Oil Corporation, said: “As a result of First Data and VeriFone’s solution, we now have the means to enhance cardholder data protection long before the 2017 EMV deadlines take effect for transactions at gas pumps.”

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