Extreme Networks selected to deliver networking solutions to The First Academy

Extreme Networks, a provider of high-performance network solutions, announced that The First Academy, (TFA), a Christian college-preparatory school in Central Florida, selected the end-to-end networking solutions from Extreme Networks (EXTR).

The academy selected Extreme Networks to support its goal of earning an Apple Distinguished School (ADS) title and to handle a rapidly expanding mobile environment fueled by the school’s one-to-one iPad program and BYOD initiative.

As TFA prepared to double wireless usage among its users, their biggest concern was the ability to securely onboard, prioritize, limit and even restrict network access for devices that were not in compliance with their school policies.

With BYOD initiative gaining momentum, TFA was facing the challenges associated with the user of multiple mobile devices in its network.

The Extreme OneFabric Connect is able to connect TFA’s mobile management solution, Casper, to the Extreme Mobile IAM solution, allowing TFA to set policies and check devices against its database each time a device seeks access to the network.

extreme_networksIf the criteria set by TFA are not fulfilled, the device is redirected and cannot gain access to the Wi-Fi network until they have been met. Extreme’s networking solution keeps the mobile device connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Extreme’s IdentiFi Wireless solution has enabled TFA to provide reliable, secure wireless coverage for 1,200 students across a 100,000 square foot campus. With Extreme’s products, TFA is now able to support BYOD and one-on-one initiatives while increasing the control and productivity of their one network manager with a complete solution.

The OneFabric architecture has brought the entire network into one unified view, reducing network complexity and allowing TFA to simplify its network by making all their networking and computer equipment work together, the company said.

With less time spent managing the network and problem solving, TFA’s IT personnel have seen significant productivity increases.

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