Virgin Atlantic deploys automation solution to handle refund requests

WNS Holdings, a provider of global business process management (BPM) services, announced it has deployed an intelligent automation solution at Virgin Atlantic to process the increase in COVID-19-related refund requests with speed and efficiency.
Virgin Atlantic IT investmentWNS deployed the custom intelligent automation solution in partnership with Automation Anywhere, a leader in Robotic Process Automation.

“Despite the pandemic, we were clear that we could not compromise on our customer service levels. WNS was the obvious choice for a partner when it came to creating a smart solution that was aligned to industry regulations for delivering desired efficiencies,” said Ash Jokhoo, chief information and data officer of Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic faced more than 400x increase in refund requests during the peak of the pandemic. WNS’ intelligent automation solution, which leveraged Automation Anywhere’s digital workforce, automated the manual activities involved in processing refunds.

WNS developed and launched the solution, including customized BOT’s, in less than eight weeks, with zero disruption to Virgin Atlantic’s core operations.

The new solution enabled Virgin Atlantic to work through high claim volumes while reducing backlogs and hold time, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. It has yielded ~90 percent automation of the refund-carding process with 3x speed, ~93 percent improvement in the quality of claims processing without any process re-engineering and ~30 percent productivity benefits and higher accuracy of claim closure in ticket refunds.

“WNS’ intelligent automation solution was able to deliver an enhanced customer experience amidst the pandemic for Virgin Atlantic, thereby helping them maintain customer confidence and brand loyalty,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, group CEO of WNS.

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