Convergence of digital and physical world will usher in era of big data: Huawei

ICT technologies, represented by mobile broadband, cloud computing, big data analytics, the Internet of things, and social networking, will continue to reshape the world and introduce a new wave of technological development, said William Xu, Huawei’s chief strategy marketing officer.

With the ICT convergence trend, Huawei believes that the digital transformation of the information society presents immense opportunities for the ICT industry, and that the convergence of the digital and physical worlds will usher in an era of big data.

Addressing the audience at Huawei’s 11th Annual Global Analyst Summit, Xu said the company is working toward promoting greater convenience and freedom in communications and the sharing of ideas to help build a better connected world.

William Xu, Huawei

Huawei believes connectivity has become the norm in people’s lives so much so that basic physical elements essential for life on earth – air, water, food and sunlight – can be extended to include the digital environment.

The analogy is simple: Like air, connectivity will be available anytime anywhere; like water it will help free flow of information; like food, it will provide energy; and like the sunshine, connectivity will make everyone enjoy communications through technologies such as broadband Internet.

Connectivity has become integral to basic human interactions as well as more advanced needs for entertainment and social networking. With the ICT convergence trend,

Huawei forecasts that by 2025, the world will have eight billion smartphone users and 100 billion terminals interconnected by the Internet. It follows that the next decade will see ICT embedded more deeply in everyday life and across all industries.

Huawei is already leveraging ICT to connect close to three billion people in 170 countries and regions across the world, enabling them to realize the possibilities of communications and information sharing, anytime and anywhere.

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