ICICI Bank Blocks 17,000 Credit Cards Over Data Exposure Concerns

ICICI Bank has blocked some affected credit cards after the credit card data of at least 17,000 customers was compromised, leading to concerns over security breaches and potential misuse. ICICI Bank initiated the issuance of new credit cards to the impacted customers.
ICICI and digital plansThe alarming situation came to light after a series of complaints surfaced on social media platforms, particularly regarding ICICI Bank’s iMobile Pay app, which reportedly exposed sensitive credit card information, including full card numbers and CVVs. Users raised red flags on various forums, notably on Technofino, where several individuals reported unexpected access to detailed credit card data of unknown customers through the iMobile Pay app.

Responding to inquiries, an ICICI Bank spokesperson acknowledged the issue, stating that approximately 17,000 newly issued credit cards had been erroneously linked to incorrect users within the bank’s digital channels. Despite this mishap, the spokesperson emphasized that no instances of card misuse had been reported thus far, assuring customers of appropriate compensation for any potential financial losses incurred.

ICICI Bank jas clarified that the impacted credit cards represented a small fraction, approximately 0.1 percent, of its overall credit card portfolio. As a precautionary measure, ICICI Bank swiftly deactivated the compromised cards and initiated the issuance of replacement cards to affected customers. Expressing regret for the inconvenience caused, the spokesperson reiterated the bank’s commitment to ensuring customer security and satisfaction.

Among the concerning reports, one user disclosed on Technofino the ability to access another individual’s Amazon Pay credit card details through the iMobile app, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in the platform’s security protocols. The user pointed out that while OTP authentication may restrict domestic transactions, the compromised data could still be exploited for international transactions, raising broader concerns about the extent of the data exposure.

Notably, the iMobile Pay app, which has been in operation since 2008, boasts a user base of over 28 million individuals, underscoring the significance of addressing any security lapses swiftly and effectively to safeguard customer trust and financial integrity.

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