Dell One Identity Manager halves enrollment time at Radboud

Dell Software announced that Radboud University, a leading Dutch academic community, has gained control of provisioning and access governance using Dell One Identity Manger.

Dell’s solution has helped Radboud University reduce the enrollment time by half.

The advantage of Dell’s solution over others is that it address both provisioning and governance, enabling the university to create an efficient and effective identity and access management strategy that will serve for years to come.

The university turned to Dell after finding it difficult to manage the continually changing population and the entitlement creep which occurred as users changed roles. The legacy Sun Microsystems IDM solution demanded significant increase in staffing.

In addition, an uptick in data leaks at Dutch institutions in general caused university officials further unease. Because the university handles a great deal of sensitive data, including personal information, bank account information and research data, Radboud officials were particularly concerned about the potential cost to reputation and finances if a leak occurred due to inappropriate access.

Using Identity Manager, Radboud put an end to entitlement creep, and enabled real-time changes to user access settings, ensuring the right people had the right access to the right data and applications, according to University officials.

The solution also addressed the university’s unique and complex user environment, enabling the management of users with multiple roles by linking each user’s roles to one identity.

With Identity Manager, the university has cut the time required to provision a new user in half, and because processes that previously were done on a nightly basis can now be done on a near real-time basis, enrollment time has also has been reduced from two or three days down to one.

Combined with the solution’s self-service options for users, these features have both improved user satisfaction and decreased IT workload, the officials said.

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