Cisco enhances IoT portfolio with intelligence and analytics

Creating yet another major stride in Internet of Things (IoT), Cisco has now announced Connected Safety and Security solutions.

Cisco also announced collaboration with a group of ecosystem companies to protect cities and help businesses cut costs and provide better safety.

One of the solutions, Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7.6 (VSM), is a scalable IoT video surveillance platform featuring improved video analytics, connected edge storage and IoT connectivity. The solution is ideal for remote monitoring of assets for companies in public sector, energy, transportation, industrial and service provider segment.

Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7

Cisco Video Surveillance Manager 7.6

Video analytics at the edge allows intelligent event processing and classification and enables exceptional event action and management even before the data is analyzed at a central location.

The Cisco Safety and Security Desktop application enables security operators to easily and quickly identify alerts and events associated with positive analytic activities at the remote sites, decreasing the reaction time for potential threats, Cisco said.

For IoT analytics, Cisco has partnered with AGT International, an IoT analytics company, to provide customers with highly secure, interoperable solutions and services in order to take advantage of the IoE.

The AGT and Cisco solutions collect data from sensors and cameras, and filters content using sophisticated analytics to identify relevant information.

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The IoT offerings for smart city also include City Safety Solution and The Traffic Incident Management Solution. The City Safety Solution helps law enforcement agencies monitor public areas, accurately detect incidents early on, track suspects and respond faster through analysis of unusual activity patterns.

The Traffic Incident Management Solution helps traffic departments quickly detect more incidents, and respond faster by monitoring and analyzing traffic flow data.

Cisco Instant Connect mobile applications are available on Apple iOS devices as well as Google Android devices.

Kip Compton, VP, IoT Systems & Software Group, Cisco, said, “The Internet of Things is enabling us to connect devices and control the physical world in new and exciting ways that add not only to business value but to employees’ and citizens’ quality of life. VSM7.6 powers intelligent video surveillance as a valuable business tool to mitigate risk, improve operational processes and provide better customer experiences.”

Recently Cisco unveiled Cisco Smart City in India as a blueprint for the future of smart and connected communities in India. The initiative is part of the company’s collaboration with the government on Digital India initiative.

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