Xilinx chips to power Subaru’s driver-assistance system

Xilinx said Subaru, an automaker in Japan, will use its chips to power a new driver-assistance system that will let drivers go hands-free during traffic jams, among other new features.
Xilinx at 2018 eventSubaru’s forthcoming Levorg, a midsized hatchback vehicle, will use one of Xilinx’s Zynq chips in a new version of its EyeSight driver-assistance system.

The system uses two cameras to get a stereo field of view of the road and combines that data with input from radar sensors mounted around the vehicle rather than using more expensive sensors such as lidar, which uses laser light to measure the car’s distance away from objects, Reuters reported.

Xilinx’s chip will provide the processing power for the camera images. The system will have functions such as slowing the car down before a curve on highways based on an estimation of the curve.

The system will be capable of hands-free driving during traffic jams at speeds below about 50 kilometers per hour, or about 30 miles per hour, as an add-on option. The feature will only be available in Japan on the Levorg, and requires the vehicle to be loaded with high-resolution mapping data.

The driver would still be required to keep his or her eyes forward on the road, and sensors inside the cabin will detect whether the driver is paying attention.

Subaru also plans to update the system over time with new features, which played into the decision to choose Xilinx’s chips, officials said.

“We are excited to see Xilinx automotive devices enabling the new generation of automotive safety for Subaru,” said Yousef Khalilollahi, vice president of sales, Asia-Pacific region, Xilinx.

Xilinx said it has shipped more than 190 million devices globally for automotive use, with 75 million used for production ADAS deployments. Xilinx works with over 200 automotive companies.

Tetsuo Fujinuki, chief technology officer of Subaru, said: “Because Xilinx automotive devices contain built-in capabilities that allow us to meet ASIL requirements, they are the best technology to implement Subaru’s new ADAS vision system.”

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