Akamai invests in wind energy project

Akamai management
Akamai Technologies, a cloud delivery platform, has invested in a wind energy farm, as part of its green initiatives.

The strategy of Akamai Technologies is to source renewable energy for 50 percent of its network operations by 2020. The company did not reveal its investment in the 80-megawatt wind energy Seymour Hills Wind Farm.

Akamai aims to source enough energy from wind farm to offset its Texas data center operations, representing approximately 7 percent of its global power load.

The wind project, based outside of Dallas and developed by Infinity Renewables, will go online in 2018. There will be construction of 38 wind turbines across approximately 8,000 acres.

“This project is one of the several farms in which Akamai plans to invest to reach our 50 percent goal. Recently companies like Akamai with small, distributed loads, relative to big buyers like Apple, Google and Amazon, could make a meaningful impact on decarbonizing operations,” said Jim Benson, Akamai EVP.

“Corporate buyers have become a very important market for the growth of utility-scale renewable energy deployment, having overtaken electric utilities in gigawatts purchased in 2015,” said Matt Langley, VP of Finance and Origination at Infinity Renewables.

Greenpeace ranked Akamai in the top 20 percent of CDN and data center providers in its recent “Clicking Clean” report for action on energy efficiency, renewable energy and advocacy efforts.