IoT Edge platform revenue to grow at 81% in 2018

IoT edge revenueAccording to MachNation  IoT Edge ScoreCard , IoT edge platform revenue will grow at a sharp 81 percent in 2018.

IoT edge, according to MachNation’s definition, is a distributed technology and processing architecture that brings certain computational and analytics capabilities near the point of data generation.

Western Europe and North America will contribute majority of the revenue, representing 35 percent and 31 percent respectively. Developed Asia-Pacific market contributes 12 percent of the revenue.

Top industries that drive the growth of IoT edge platforms include industrial, manufacturing, automotive, transportation and smart cities.

“Our research shows that roughly 90 percent of edge complexity is software related,” said Dima Tokar, co-founder and CTO, MachNation. “While many vendors already provide hardware that adequately supports many IoT solutions, the quality and sophistication of the related edge software is a true differentiator.”

Rajani Baburajan

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