Fincantieri taps hybrid cloud solution from IBM

Public cloud revenue chartFincantieri, a shipbuilding group, is spending on hybrid cloud solution from IBM to improve the performance.

Fincantieri aims to improve the efficiency of designing, building and deploying new vessels.

Last week, IBM announced two IBM Watson deals. Unruly will use IBM Watson to improve accuracy of online marketing, while automobile giant BMW Group will start research with IBM Watson to enhance customer experience.

Fincantieri will be investing in a modern and global IT infrastructure to manage its new Integrated Ship Design and Manufacturing system, which manages the process of designing, fabricating and deploying ships.

IBM, which has more than 50 cloud data centers – including one in Milan, will provide a modern IT infrastructure to advance Fincantieri’s global growth goals.

“When we needed to redesign our IT infrastructure for the future, we trusted IBM Cloud to deliver the highly secure and scalable solution we need to keep up with the sharp growth and complexity of the shipbuilding industry,” said Gianluca Zanutto, CIO of Fincantieri.

Fincantieri selected IBM Cloud out of a crowded field of competitors to create a global hybrid cloud infrastructure. The hybrid infrastructure connects 13 Fincantieri private distributed data centers with the IBM Cloud data center in Milan.  The result is a hybrid cloud for high-availability, fault tolerance and secure enterprise service levels.

Researchers such as Roland Berger and Confindustria, consider cloud computing an essential building block of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as the smart factory of Industry 4.0 transformations. Fincantieri will use IBM Cloud for the 4.0 transformation at a global scale.

“We will help the company easily integrate other subsidiaries and new acquisitions as it continues to expand the company’s worldwide footprint,” said Stefano Rebattoni, general manager Global Technology Services, IBM Italy.

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