AWS explains Amazon Aurora benefits to CIOs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has explained that it customers are using Amazon Aurora for their relational databases.

The number of Amazon Aurora customer base has grown approximately two-and-a-half times in the last year.
AWS technology for CIOs
In fact, Amazon Aurora service, which is MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible, is the fastest growing service in the history of AWS, delivering the performance and availability of high-end commercial databases at one-tenth of the cost.

Some of the Amazon Aurora customers include ADP, Autodesk, Choice Hotels, TIBCO, Trend Micro, Cloudability, ZipRecruiter, BMLL Tech, Beachbody, Arizona State University, RecoChoku, FirstFuel, Mitel, and Wappa. They join existing Amazon Aurora customers including Verizon, Capital One, GE, Dow Jones, Netflix, Nielsen, Airbnb, Expedia, NASDAQ, and Pearson.

ADP, Autodesk, Choice Hotels, TIBCO, Trend Micro, Cloudability, ZipRecruiter, BMLL Tech, Beachbody, Arizona State University, RecoChoku, FirstFuel, Mitel, and Wappa are just a few of the customers using Amazon Aurora today for the uptime and durability they need to run their organizations.

Autodesk says its Account Control Management (ACM) application is a central component for many Autodesk applications.

“ACM requires a high performance database with low-lag replication, automatic scaling, and MySQL compatibility. Amazon Aurora allowed us to increase our database connections and greatly improve our scalability, response times, and CPU utilization,” said Brian Mathews, VP — Platform Engineering at Autodesk.

Choice Hotels, which has over 6,800 hotels franchised in 40 countries and territories, is relying on Amazon Aurora.

“We process millions of requests every day for guests looking to stay at our properties,” said Brian Kirkland, chief technology officer, Choice Hotels. “Transaction volume has grown over 300 percent in the last three years. We developed the first new global reservation system from a hotel company in over 30 years, and built it on AWS. Leveraging Amazon Aurora and other AWS services allowed us to both exceed our performance requirements and lower our costs.”

TIBCO is a an early adopter of Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL and used the AWS Database Migration Service to transition TIBCO Cloud Live Apps to Amazon Aurora seamlessly.

Matt Quinn, chief operating officer at TIBCO, said: “Amazon Aurora’s reliability, security, and fast failover will continue to help us scale Live Apps, giving customers constant access to our service so they can build and run apps quickly and with high availability.”

Cloudability empowers enterprises to optimize their cloud financials with full accountability. “Amazon Aurora has become the database of choice for all our MySQL workloads,” said Matt Finlayson, vice president of Engineering, Cloudability.

ZipRecruiter online employment marketplace has connected over 1 million businesses and 100 million job seekers through AI-driven matching technology.

“We migrated our MySQL databases to Amazon Aurora in order to handle our incredibly fast growth,” said Craig Ogg, chief technology officer, ZipRecruiter.

Beachbody, a provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs, is using Amazon Aurora.

Grant Leathers, vice president, Technology Operations, Beachbody, said: “Amazon Aurora provides the foundation for our digital services, supporting over a million users every month with peaks of over 250,000 users in a single day.”

Arizona State University is using Amazon Aurora.

John Rome, deputy chief information officer at ASU, said: “We’re using Amazon Aurora to cut reporting and extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) time by a factor of over 10, replacing our Oracle workloads with a high-performance cloud database that delivers fast responses to our users.”

RecoChoku, a Japanese music distribution services company, is using Amazon Aurora.

“Services are not suspended during maintenance when using Amazon Aurora, which creates significant advantages for a company like RecoChoku that provides services in collaboration with partners. Amazon Aurora has enabled a reduction in fees for database software compared to when multiple nodes were used with Oracle RAC,” Shuhei Sakai, Systems Architect Group, Business Systems Promotion Department at RecoChoku, said.

Amazon Aurora has become a key component to meeting FirstFuel’s uptime and disaster recovery Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Siddharth Kundalkar, director of Engineering of FirstFuel, said: “Key functionality such as restore to point in time, reader nodes, cross-region replication, and automatic node failover have dramatically reduced or eliminated our data loss and downtime risks. Aurora has also reduced the time we spend on database management, leading to real productivity improvements.”

Wappa, a taxi expense management company headquartered in Brazil and available in 22 countries, is using Amazon Aurora.

Cesar Matias, chief technology officer, Wappa, said: “Since migrating our Oracle database to Amazon Aurora, our user validation process has become 60 percent faster, reporting time per user has dropped 75 percent, and the payment process is 70 percent faster.”

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