Toyota demos technology innovation at CES 2018

Toyota and technologyAutomobile giant Toyota – which is attending the CES 2018 in Las Vegas — is making investment in technology to enhance customer experience.

Toyota will introduce Amazon Alexa, an intelligent cloud based voice service, in select Toyota and Lexus vehicles with Toyota Entune 3.0 App Suite and Lexus Enform App Suite 2.0 in 2018. This feature will allow Toyota and Lexus customers in the United States to interact with Alexa in the car.

e-Palette Concept

The e-Palette concept vehicle is a fully-automated, next generation battery electric vehicle (BEV) designed to support Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offerings. The concept vehicle provides an open and scalable interior design layout — customizable for logistics services, ride sharing, and other on-the-road e-commerce.

Its open-source vehicle control interface will allow partner companies to install their own automated driving system and vehicle management technology. When a partner company’s automated driving system is installed, Toyota’s Guardian mode automated driving technology will supervise its function to help ensure appropriate function.

Concept-i Series

Toyota expanded the Concept-i Series to include a universal small mobility vehicle and a walking area mobility vehicle. The AI Agent embedded in each of these vehicles is able to disengage and re-engage with the driver, supporting seamless mobility that is better equipped to achieve safe and fun mobility.

Toyota Concept-i

Toyota Concept-i is a four-wheel model representing the technology of the Toyota Concept-i Series. It combines AI technology that understands people (LEARN) with automated driving and agent technology that provides drivers with safety and peace of mind (PROTECT) and new Fun to Drive experiences (“INSPIRE”) that enrich the enjoyment of moving.

Toyota Concept-i Simulator

Through the simulator, visitors will be able to interact with the AI Agent, which will propose hobbies and restaurants based on the user’s preference. The Agent will gauge the user’s degree of interest based on the conversation and driver’s emotion, and recommend activities based on this judgment.

Toyota Concept-i RIDE

The Concept-i RIDE is a small mobility vehicle designed to deliver user-friendly city mobility. While the seat layout and automated driving functions make it possible for anyone to drive safely and securely, its gull-wing doors, electric universal sliding seat, and joystick offer user-friendly operation for wheelchair users.

Toyota Concept-i WALK

i-WALK can operate safely on sidewalks and other areas alongside pedestrians. Equipped with an easily operated steering function as well as an automated driving capability, this mobility vehicle helps increase the user’s range of movement with safety and peace of mind.

TRI Platform 3.0

Platform 3.0, Toyota Research Institute’s (TRI) next-generation automated driving research vehicle, combines sophisticated automated driving technology and new harmonized styling into the Lexus LS model’s design. The vehicle includes a LIDAR architecture for a sensing range of up to 200 meters around the 360-degree perimeter of the vehicle.

“Our vision harnesses the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics, connected networks, and electric vehicle technologies to get people where they want to go safely, conveniently and in an environmentally friendly way – whether across the room or across the country,” said Zack Hicks, chief information officer (CIO) of Toyota Motor North America.

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