Synapses Launches $125 mn Venture Capital Fund

Synapses, a venture led by investors Ruchira Shukla and Karthik Chandrasekar, announced $125 million venture capital fund.
Synapses team
This VC fund is specifically tailored to identify and support innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) solutions addressing the pressing issues of climate change and public health.

“We are cultivating a new cohort of daring, boundary-pushing innovators, facilitating the establishment of leading global technology enterprises poised to deliver exceptional financial returns,” Ruchira Shukla, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Synapses, said.

Karthik Chandrasekar, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Synapses, shed light on the intricate nature of the challenges tackled by climate tech and health tech solutions, highlighting the critical intersection of STEM innovation with the imperative for agile, resilient infrastructure solutions poised for utility-scale deployment.

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