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Robotics industry receive $46 bn investment in 2019: ABI Research

The robotics industry received $46 billion investment in 2019, according to tech advisory firm ABI Research.
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The worldwide robotics industry received $17.8 billion via acquisitions and $29 billion in terms of investments.

Most of the funding was focused on autonomous passenger vehicles (APV’s), surgical robotics, and warehouse automation, with significant growth for field robotics and drone services.

Despite not having commercialized their technology, autonomous passenger vehicle developers like Waymo, Cruise, Zoox and company have continued to amass enormous funding from the corporate and VC world, said Rian Whitton, senior analyst at ABI Research.

Surgical robots received funding, and have already been commercialized to a considerable extent, with Intuitive Surgical selling over 5,000 Da Vinci robot systems to date.

Auto manufacturers like Toyota, health companies like Johnson & Johnson and E-retailers such as Amazon are driving demand for robotics.

A few major corporations have taken a significant interest in automation technologies, including Amazon with their investment in vision-based navigation developer Canvas Technology.

Softbank made a considerable investment in a variety of robot companies, including robotics service provider CloudMinds, hospitality robot developer Bear Robotics, and fulfillment automation company Berkshire Grey.

FLIR, the thermal camera manufacturer, also invested heavily in drones and ground robots to shore up its solutions for security and industrial inspection. Among their acquisitions include Aerodyne Group and Endeavour Robotics, formerly part of iRobot.

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