Osano Secures $25 mn in VC Funding to Propel Data Privacy Innovation and Expansion

Osano, a frontrunner in data privacy management software, has marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of a robust $25 million Series B funding round.
VC funding for techThis transformative endeavor, led by Baird Capital, has garnered enthusiastic participation from notable investors including Jump Capital, LiveOak Venture Partners, Next Coast Ventures, TDF Ventures, and First Ascent Ventures.

With a resolute vision to streamline privacy compliance and emerge as the premier Data Privacy platform, Osano is poised to utilize this strategic capital infusion to propel its trajectory. Central to this endeavor is the augmentation of Osano’s dynamic team, poised to drive innovation and service excellence. A multi-faceted approach is on the horizon, encompassing the expansion of crucial departments such as engineering, product development, and sales. Furthermore, bolstered investment in research and development is set to amplify Osano’s prowess in delivering pioneering data privacy solutions.

Osano’s commitment to holistic customer satisfaction remains unwavering, and this expansion will be instrumental in anticipating and meeting customers’ evolving needs. In this context, Osano is poised to unveil a comprehensive channel program designed to diversify and enhance its product suite, a strategic move that aligns with the ever-changing landscape of data privacy requirements.

By harnessing the formidable capital secured through this funding round, Osano is positioned to fortify its engineering capabilities, thereby fostering a culture of continuous innovation in the realm of data privacy. Additionally, a concerted focus on refining the sales and marketing machinery is poised to catalyze Osano’s penetration within the enterprise market segment.

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