Mitsubishi Life Sciences switch to Rimini Street support for JD Edwards applications

Rimini Street announced that Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences has switched to Rimini Street Support for its JD Edwards applications.
Rimini Street for CIOsSwitching from the vendor’s support to Rimini Street has enabled Mitsubishi to reduce its maintenance costs and free up internal resources for strategic initiatives.

Mitsubishi’s IT team reviewed and evaluated its JD Edward system – used for production management including work orders, material requirements planning and order management – to assess the current ROI it was receiving in exchange for the high support costs.

The company wanted to continue using its current stable software version for as long as possible and did not see value in future upgrades. The company felt that the vendor was not providing adequate support for its system – they encountered frequent problems that caused critical issues in their operations but were not receiving quality support to address these issues.

For Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences, even the slightest downtime seriously impacts its business activities such as accounting, production, sales, purchasing and inventory management. Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences sought an alternative approach to address these issues, which led them to Rimini Street.

“We use JD Edwards for many critical business areas such as accounting, production, sales, purchasing and inventory management, and even a momentary downtime would have a serious impact on our business activities. In the past, the vendor’s support for critical software issues that could stop our business has been unsatisfactory,” said Shinya Hattori, chief information officer and general manager of Information Systems at Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences.