Keenon Robotics raised $200 million led by Softbank

Keenon Robotics, a leader in service robotics, has raised $200 million in Series D funding, led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, followed by CICC ALPHA and Prosperity7 Ventures from Aramco Ventures.
Dollar spending on technologyKeenon is an artificial intelligence company dedicated to providing intelligent delivery solutions globally.

Keenon will use the funding to drive innovation through its in-house R&D to provide new, efficient, and cost saving applications, while scaling its current robot platform through the expansion in new markets and identifying new prospects to promote growth and boost revenue, Tony Li, founder of Keenon Robotics.

Keenon has reached the markets in America, Europe, South Korea, and Singapore. By capitalizing on the strong relationships with its investors, Keenon focuses on building long-term value for the company by exploring new markets, trends, and customers.