Intel Ignite Announces 10 Pioneering Startups for Its Third U.S. Cohort

Intel Ignite, Intel Corporation’s esteemed startup accelerator program, has revealed the 10 exceptional startups selected for its third U.S. cohort.
13th Gen Intel Core mobile processorsThese startups were carefully chosen from a pool of over 300 companies through a rigorous selection process. The cohort includes startups with an average seed funding of $6.8 million, showcasing a broad spectrum of technology innovations ranging from cloud computing and health-tech to machine learning, artificial intelligence, data management, power generation, vision systems, manufacturing optimizations, and sustainability technology. Over 130 experts meticulously evaluated and selected the finalists for this 12-week program.

The Chosen Startups

Here’s a glimpse of the startups in the third U.S. cohort and their pioneering technologies:

Bloch Quantum: High-resolution modified ultrasound technology for accurate and early cancer diagnoses.

TryCarbonara: Platform to measure and reduce carbon emissions from software.

CLIKA Inc.: AI model size and complexity reduction solution without compromising accuracy.

CloudNatix Inc.: Software-as-a-service platform facilitating efficient use of on-premises and public cloud environments for legacy and cloud-native Kubernetes applications.

DataHeroes: Building the first database for data-centric AI to accelerate model training and reduce training costs.

DynamoFL: A privacy-focused, regulation-compliant solution for generative AI.

Gaia AI: Measurement and analytical tool for data-driven forest management using lidar, computer vision, and satellite measurement.

Intramotev: Self-propelled battery-electric railcars integrated with a sensor and vision suite for traditional train enhancement.

Mesodyne: Power generator providing reliable, efficient, quiet, portable, and long-endurance power from any fuel.

Tristar AI: AI platform for manufacturing solving human challenges for industrial operations managers using computer vision.

The Vision

Mark Castleman, Managing Director of Intel Ignite U.S., noted the pivotal moment in tech, with generative AI, Web3, and quantum computing driving potential radical changes in how the world conducts business. The startups selected in this cohort are at the forefront of reimagining our world across various industries, refining AI models, expanding AI use cases, and creating sustainable solutions for energy and transportation sectors.

Proven Impact

Intel Ignite has a remarkable track record of assisting deep tech startups in achieving significant strategic impact and reaching product-market fit swiftly. Since its inception in 2019, the participating companies have collectively secured a staggering $1.7 billion in funding.

Mentorship and Support

As part of the program, the startups will have access to Intel corporate mentors, top industry mentors, and Intel Ignite’s customer advisory board, comprising experts and C-suite executives from leading companies. The program’s emphasis goes beyond growth, encompassing critical topics such as founders’ mental health, diversity and inclusion, and effective co-founder dynamics management.

Future Opportunities

Companies aspiring to be part of the next cohort in the four program locations can submit their applications on the Intel Ignite website. Intel Ignite is a non-dilutive program, not taking any equity from the startups, and is offered free of charge. Besides the U.S., Intel Ignite operates programs in Israel, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

About Intel Ignite

Launched in 2019, the Intel Ignite program supports founders aiming to positively impact the world using disruptive technology. This 12-week program concentrates on vital aspects crucial to the success of early-stage startups. Global business and technology leaders mentor startups individually, propelling their growth and enabling them to realize their breakthrough ideas. The Intel Ignite accelerator program has witnessed 148 companies participate globally to date, spanning its programs in Europe, Israel, the U.K., and the U.S. For more information, visit