India’s defence sector updates on IT spending

Defence and IT investmentIndia’s defence minister Subhash Bhamre has shared an update on the IT implementation at the defence sector.

The Defence Services in October 2016 drafted ICT roadmap incorporating 21 information technology projects during 2016-2020.

India’s defence department wants to use ICT in areas such as network centric operations, information security, planning, stores management, general administration and hospital management.

India government has already completed four projects out of the 21 projects. As part of the ICT roadmap, the Defence Communication Network (DCN) has been operationalized in July 2016.

The defense department, according to an official document, is laying optical fiber to provide dedicated backbone communication and IT network connecting stations of Army, Navy and Air Force – as part of the network for spectrum project.

Total amount earmarked for defence under Defence Services Estimates (DSE) in Budget 2017-18 was Rs 2,59,261.90 crore. The defense department has spent an amount of Rs 61,002.97 crore out of a budget estimate of Rs 69,405.75 crore till 31 December, 2017 for induction of new equipment and technological upgradation of capabilities to keep the armed forces in a state of readiness to meet various security challenges.

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