Cybersecurity startup Brinqa raises $110 mn from Insight Partners

Brinqa, a startup that helps businesses map out their cybersecurity applications and alert them of gaps, has raised $110 million from private equity firm Insight Partners.
VC funding investments
For Austin, Texas based Brinqa, founded in 2009, this is the first institutional investment, with the company self-funded until now, said CEO Amad Fida.

“A large enterprise would have upwards of 50 to 60 systems feeding data into Brinqa. And then Brinqa, it looks at that knowledge, combs it, or correlates it, makes some sense out of it and identifies things that are high risk, medium risk, low risk,” said Fida. The company can then be alerted automatically of any security gaps and in some cases the Brinqa software can change setting on applications to close those gaps, he said.