Average wage in US tech industry is $112,890: CompTIA

Dollar spending on technologyTechnology companies have added nearly 200,000 jobs in 2017, to an estimated 11.5 million workers in the United States, according to CompTIA.

Tech sector contributes $1.6 trillion to the nation’s economy, according CompTIA. The tech industry is a top-five economic contributor in 22 states; and in the top 10 of 42 states.

The base of tech jobs will increase by 626,000 jobs by 2026. When factoring in the need to replace retiring or career-change workers, the total potential tech workforce reaches 1.2 million through 2026, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said.

“Nationally, the number of job postings associated with emerging technologies increased 27 percent year-over-year – further confirmation employers are ramping up hiring in areas such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, autonomous vehicles, augmented and virtual reality, and more,” Tim Herbert, senior vice president of research and market intelligence for CompTIA.

The average annual wage in the tech industry is $112,890; 107 percent higher than the average wage for all jobs ($54,420).

Top five states for job gains in 2017
California 43,600
Texas 13,400
Michigan 13,200
Florida 12,000
New York 10,400

The composition of the tech sector workforce is 66 percent men and 34 percent women, unchanged from 2016. The number of tech business establishments across the country totals 503,000, CompTIA said.

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