Aily Labs Raises €19 mn in VC Funding to Expand AI Decision Intelligence App for Enterprises

Aily Labs, the trailblazing force behind an AI-powered decision intelligence app designed for enterprises, has proudly announced the successful completion of a €19 million Series A funding round. Insight Partners, a globally renowned software investor, spearheaded the funding, propelling Aily Labs into an exciting phase of growth and innovation.
VC funding for techRevolutionizing Decision-Making with AI: Aily Labs introduces a mobile-centric AI decision intelligence app that is poised to redefine the way global businesses track performance and execute commercial decisions. Merging a 360° integrated view of enterprise data with advanced AI and machine learning techniques, the user-friendly app empowers individuals across all tiers of an organization to access real-time, rich insights for making instant and informed decisions.

Bianca Anghelina, Founder and CEO of Aily Labs, highlighted the core essence of their AI-driven product: “AI is synonymous with innovation at lightning speed, and it forms the foundation of our product. The agility to seamlessly integrate our app can be as swift as a single day, facilitating immediate data transparency throughout the entire business landscape. Placing AI in the hands of business users is reshaping operational models, delivering heightened efficiencies, and accelerating outcomes. We’re delighted to have the backing of Insight Partners to bolster our next phase of growth, with the aim of becoming the premier AI decision intelligence platform.”

The Future of Decision-Making: Hilary Gosher, Managing Director at Insight Partners, emphasized the transformative potential of Aily Labs: “Aily Labs represents the future of decision-making, cultivating a unified source of truth for enterprise-wide data. This ensures that individuals ranging from analysts to executives possess AI-driven insights and the ability to explore ‘what-if’ scenarios, resulting in more informed business decisions. Existing clients have already reaped substantial benefits, witnessing unparalleled visibility and access to insights. We observe significant market demand for AI-driven solutions like Aily’s, and we are excited to collaborate with Bianca and the Aily Labs team as they expand globally across various industry sectors.”

Remarkable Industry Momentum: Aily Labs has achieved remarkable momentum, witnessing rapid adoption and unwavering support from prominent global brands. Notably, in June, the esteemed global healthcare company Sanofi unveiled the widespread deployment of the Aily app (internally branded as “plai”), a pioneering application that provides a holistic view of all Sanofi business activities, catalyzing their enterprise-wide digital transformation. By harnessing the potency of AI, Aily Labs empowers thousands of decision-makers at Sanofi to make informed choices, accelerating drug discovery, enhancing clinical trial design, and optimizing manufacturing and supply processes.

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