360 degree surveys – the future of talent acquisition

360 degree survey is a performance management tool that allows the employees to give feedback from different perspectives.
performance management tool
The source of this type of survey can be internal or external. In this case, it will be done by the human resources department and managers who are working in the same organization. This survey can also be conducted by an external agency that has no connection with the employees’ organization. It was said that this type of survey provides “more accurate” performance evaluation result because not only based on one opinion but rather gathered from several angles.

A 360-degree assessment gives insight into how others see one, helping individuals grow personally and professionally within organizations.

For example, some employers ask their employees to conduct 360 degrees on their colleagues. This type of survey gives the employer a chance to discover how his employees view each other, what they think about their job performance, and if there is an untapped potential in a particular individual.

In some cases, this method is also used by employees who want to change careers or those who are looking for a promotion in their own organization. By working hard in providing realistic, constructive feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of the employee together with suggestions on how to improve them, they can present themselves as an individual who is ready for bigger responsibilities within the company they are working at.


The 360-degree survey has many benefits for both employees and employers, given that it is done in the right way. First of all, this method gives opportunity to the employers to assess their employee’s weaknesses and strengths. It also helps them to identify unfair treatment towards some individuals within the company based on sex, age or status.

In addition, human resources can find out what problems they experience at work, if any, which will be beneficial for the company and the employees to work together to remove those problems from occurring again, thus creating an improvement result .

In terms of the employees, giving feedback about themselves through 360 degrees assessments can understand their own strong points and weak points; how others view them; what others think about their job performance and what they can do to improve themselves further. This type of survey is also beneficial for the employees’ careers because they are able to get advice from different angles, not just from one person who works with them on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the results of this assessment help individuals discover their own interests , values, passions, skills or other things that they did not know before. If individuals find out what they really love to do through this assessment, it will be easier for them to look for career options that suit them best in the future. They will be able to work happily knowing that they are pursuing something that makes them satisfied with their life while developing relevant skills for their chosen path at the same time.

In a nutshell, personality assessment is a good way for people to find out their strengths and weaknesses as well as how others see them. In addition, this type of survey creates an opportunity for both employers and employees to improve the quality of their work life.

It is applicable in the recruitment process.

Personality assessments are usually applied as part of recruitment or selection process, as it provides companies with potential new hires’ skills from different perspectives.

For example, some organizations use this method as part of their hiring process by asking job applicants to complete self-administered personality tests so they can assess whether those people who apply have a particular set of skills or not. Employees may also take these tests for promotions or as a tool for career development.

In the recruitment process, personality assessment plays a vital role. It can help companies discover whether those potentials new hires have certain skills they need and make the hiring process faster and more effective and save tons of money.

Companies usually conduct this type of test on applicants before inviting them to come for interviews to decide whether those people who apply are suitable for their positions. If companies find out that some of those applicants do not fit in with the requirements and expectations after completing these assessments, they will know not to invite them to come for an interview, saving time and effort. On the other hand, if individuals who apply pass these, employers will be able to move to the next stage of the hiring process, typically interviews. This means that the time these companies save during this assessment period will be used for other purposes such as preparing questions and materials they want to ask to get more information about applicants’ skills, knowledge, attitudes and future performance.

Additionally, when people take personality tests before job interviews, it helps employers better understand what they expect from new hires and how they might fit into their company culture.

The information supplied by all interviewees can be used to select the most suitable candidate for a job. This is called 360-degree feedback because everyone involved in the hiring process provides input into whether or not this person should be hired. The results are then used to improve performance at work as well as increase motivation among employees. Such opportunities are important because it helps manager’s better address development issues that could hold back their employees’ career growth at your company.”

This will help to use the power of 360 degree surveys in recruitment. It will, therefore, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of an individual accurately.

So do you know what 360 appraisal means? It means before doing anything else if possible, try asking everyone around one for feedback! Ask them to tell them what you can improve upon in their work. As soon as possible do this; don’t wait till the end of the year to receive feedback! Do it every week, every day if possible, because it will help one realize things about yourself that they wouldn’t be able to know by themselves.

Rajani Baburajan