Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt deploys NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition

NCR Power Mobile

The Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt team adopted NCR Silver Pro Restaurant Edition as its cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) system.

Zoyo’s previous POS system required extensive training and expensive software updates. NCR said its solution is easy to learn and scalable.

“Before NCR Silver, we waited until the end of the week to view sales numbers, then held a meeting to discuss inventory and promotional activities,”said Robert Schiller, president and CEO of Zoyo Neighborhood Yogurt.

“Now, we can view sales trends any time, on-site or remote. This helps us make smarter decisions every day.”

NCR Silver Restaurant Pro Edition provides advanced options for multi-site food service businesses. Users can split checks, keep up with table availability, and create tabs to make payments more flexible. Zoyo managers use it for integrated customer loyalty, event-based promotions and more.

Zoyo also uses NCR Silver Console, an add-on service that manages employee scheduling, provides up-to-date sales information, and tracks inventory.