Zoho Books online accounting software comes with new features

Enterprise software vendor Zoho announced a revised Zoho Books, its online accounting software, with new features.

The new Zoho Books sports more than 100 new features along with a faster and more intuitive interface.

The price of the monthly subscription is $24, and a yearly subscription is available for $240, which includes a two-month discount.

Zoho Books users can sign up for a free 30-day trial to evaluate the software for their accounting needs. Business owners can add unlimited users as well as their accountant to their Zoho Books account.

Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist, said: “We have packed Zoho Books with over 100 new features and opened up the APIs, allowing third-parties to integrate with Zoho Books. The availability of mobile apps on three platforms is a result of our continued investment in mobile.”

Zoho Books online accounting software

Zoho Books owners can get their accounting tasks done quickly, so they can focus on their business growth. The new features in the new Zoho Books are aimed at increasing efficiency and boosting collaboration between small business owners and their customers.

Analytics are delivered in the dashboard which will answer key questions regarding the business performance and cash flow.

The banking module in Zoho Books has been transformed, and it intuitively identifies uncategorized transactions fetched from bank feeds and matches them with existing transactions in Zoho Books. Business owners who bill their time to clients will find it easier to track time with the new calendar and weekly timesheet views. Fresh invoice templates have been added which can be customized, too.

New IOS, Android and Windows apps have been launched for Zoho Books. The mobile apps will help business owners stay connected and run their business on the go. Users can track expenses, send quotes and invoices, and log time for projects right from their mobile device. Also, the Zoho Card Scanner mobile application can now scan business cards to Contacts in Zoho Books.

Zoho Books is built on an open platform, and RESTful APIs are open to third-party applications to integrate with the accounting software. The open platform provides an opportunity for app developers across the world to create applications that cater to small business needs. Recent integrations with Track1099.com and Tax1099.com will help reduce year-end compliance burden for business owners.

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