Zofri Partners with Infor to Enhance Logistics Operations and Customer Service

In a move to optimize its logistics operations and elevate customer service, Zona Franca de Iquique (Zofri), a pivotal hub of commerce and industry in South America, has announced its collaboration with cloud software company Infor.
Infor for enterprisesZofri will be implementing Infor’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution, a significant step towards streamlining its processes and enhancing customer experiences. The implementation will be facilitated by Cerca Technology, Infor’s partner in the Latin American region.

With over 2,000 companies from diverse countries operating within its premises, Zofri stands as a vital epicenter of trade, offering an extensive range of products spanning electronics, automotive, textiles, household items, and more. Contributing over 45,000 direct and indirect jobs to the region, Zofri operates across five key business areas: Zofri Mall, Wholesale Business Center, Chacalluta Industrial Park in Arica, Zofri Business Park in Alto Hospicio, and the Zofri Logistics Center. The latter provides outsourced logistics services (3PL) to entities operating under the free trade regime, managing the entire process from merchandise arrival at the Port of Iquique to its dispatch worldwide.

The implementation of Infor’s WMS is driven by Zofri’s commitment to elevate customer service. The utilization of multiple warehouses for merchandise storage previously hindered real-time inventory updates, demanding significant time and effort. Manual tracking of goods’ entry and exit further compounded inefficiencies, causing delays and impacting customer satisfaction.

Seeking to optimize its logistics operations and mitigate commercial implications affecting customer service, Zofri identified the need for an advanced software solution. Infor’s WMS, renowned for its stability and scalability, emerged as the solution of choice. A standout feature for Zofri is the 3D warehouse visualization capability of Infor WMS, enabling stakeholders to gain a real-time prototype of order management within their warehouses.

The selection of Infor WMS aligns with Zofri’s strategic goal of automating its supply chain. The initial phase will focus on improving efficiency in processes and reducing response times to customers. By embracing Infor WMS, Zofri aims to elevate its competitive edge when providing services to companies within the Chilean market.

The collaboration between Infor, Cerca Technology, and Zofri marks a significant stride toward enhancing logistics efficiency, driving operational excellence, and offering an elevated level of customer service within the dynamic landscape of international trade and commerce.