Xavient consulting and software services expands presence in Canada

Infotech Lead India: Leading IT services and solutions provider Xavient has expanded its consulting and software services presence in Canada.

Xavient has been focusing on expanding its reach to provide comprehensive support across North America to all the customers and simultaneously explore opportunities in the Canadian market. This will help to increase the value they provide to all the stakeholders.

“Canada is a mature market with huge potential. Taking into consideration our commitment to navigating the changing dynamics of the global marketplace, we are clear that our Canada expansion will yield us productive outcomes and further help in widening our global presence,” said Rajeev Tandon, CEO of Xavient Information Systems. “This expansion is a strategic effort to expand our North American reach and provide seamless services to our clients across the border,” he added.

The Canadian operations will be led by Gregory Pinto, based out of Toronto.

Xavient, headquartered in Southern California, is a global IT consulting and software services company that has  a worldwide network of delivery centers designed to cater to the needs of its customers, which include global leaders in the telecommunication, cable, satellite, retail and manufacturing sectors.

Since its establishment in 2002, Xavient has operated with a strong leadership team, backed by a history of entrepreneurial and management success, and with centers of excellence in Software Development, Technology Integration, QA Testing, Infrastructure Services, Engineering Services, Training Solutions and general 24/7 IT support.

Canada is one of the key growth markets for IT consulting services and solutions. The solutions and services offered by Xavient would leverage the global best practices that Xavient has built working with Fortune 100 customers. It can be customized to meet the specific needs and guidelines of the Canadian market.

Xavient also has a software development in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Recently Xavient announced the appointment of Vikram Bhalchandra as the chief marketing and sales officer of the company.

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