WittyParrot delivers recruitment experience to Citrix

WittyParrot, a cloud-based content delivery platform, announced that Citrix is using its content management solutions as part of their talent acquisition practice.

Through the WittyParrot platform, Citrix talent acquisition teams can quickly access all their human resource materials without searching through documents, web sites, or shared drives.

“We needed a solution to improve organization of data and to complement Workday, our HRMS,” said Diane Johnson, senior manager, Global Talent Acquisition at Citrix.

WittyParrot provides a content delivery platform that delivers relevant content in the form of Wits (reusable content blocks) to instantly reuse content in a variety of target applications including emails, documents and presentations to improve the responsiveness and relevance of candidate communication.

“WittyParrot enables us to quickly send out interview schedules, company overviews, candidate communications, social media posts, and more to deliver that quality experience that today’s job candidates seek,” added Johnson.

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