With $10.1 billion in R&D, Microsoft’s Kevin Turner shares strategies

Infotech Lead America: Microsoft COO Kevin Turner has shared strategies for growth.

Addressing the media at the Microsoft Executive Forum, Turner said Microsoft will invest $10.1 billion in R&D across the five megatrends.

In 2012, Microsoft spent over $9.5 billion in R&D which was more than its nearest competitor.

Microsoft COO says role of the CIO is changing. Understanding of the megatrends — Cloud, Social, Mobile, and Big Data – and implement strategies around them will create a valuable CIO.

Turner, explaining the strategy, Microsoft will be a trusted partner for CIOs in their devices and services deployment.


Some of Microsoft’s offerings for cloud are: Office 365, Yammer, and Skype for productivity and collaboration; a database platform with SQL; and business applications with Dynamics CRM and Dynamics ERP.

Office 365 is available in multiple countries and languages worldwide. Soon Lync 2013 users will be able to connect with anyone on Skype, unifying business communications.


Enterprise Social

The real power of enterprise social is when you can connect your employees and partners with customers and more than 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies have already begun deploying social solutions.

Microsoft has created the hooks in the New Office to make tools more social, both internally and externally, so that people can draw on their broader networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



Microsoft Office is available across mobile platforms but the best Office mobile experience is on Windows Phone 8, with the Office hub.


Big Data

Microsoft is on a path to manage all types of data in both the public cloud and on-premise.



Microsoft is moving its entire ecosystem to touch. Windows 8 brings touch to all form factors with the Surface tablet, laptops and PCs. Microsoft has more than doubled the number of Windows 8 devices since October 2012. There are more and more certified systems for Windows 8 and RT every single day with more on the way.


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