Wipro subsidiary launches client web application OpusPanorama

Wipro subsidiary Opus Capital Markets Consultants (Opus CMC) today announced the launch of OpusPanorama, a new client web application.

The application enables mortgage banks, loan originators, etc. to have a comprehensive view of their mortgage due diligence results.

Utilizing OpusPanorama, clients can view the progress on their active engagements, capture a snapshot on the loan file progress through different underwriting stages, and zoom in to view the details of any particular loan.

This apart, OpusPanorama also has a self-service, administrative capability that allows clients complete control over who can view their information.

“OpusPanorama was built with a secure architecture, designed to protect clients’ information. Coupled with its multi-platform capability, this tool will redefine how we engage with our clients, while delivering exceptional due diligence services that are the hallmark of our brand,” said Pete Gedzyk, managing director, Strategic Planning and CIO, Opus CMC.

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