Wipro sacks 400 plus fresher employees for poor performance

Indian IT services provider Wipro has laid off more than 400 fresher employees for poor performance in internal assessment tests.
Wipro job in IndiaWipro has already slashed the number of employees to 258,744 during the October-December quarter of 2022 from 259,179 during the previous quarter.

Wipro has issued termination letters to all the affected employees. Wipro said fresh employees have failed to perform despite adequate training.

Wipro in its termination letter said that the employees were liable to pay Rs 75,000 towards the training cost which company has spent on them. But, Wipro will be waiving off the training cost.

“From every entry level employee it is expected to have a certain level of proficiency in their designated area of work. The evaluation process includes to align employees with the requirements of clients and the business objectives of the organization,” Wipro said.

“This evaluation process, systematic and comprehensive, is followed by a series of actions such as mentoring, retraining and separation of employees from the company.”

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