Wipro launches IT products for aviation industry

Wipro, in association with Qatar Airways, has launched information technology (IT) products for the global aviation industry.

Enterprise and mobility solutions are part of the latest aviation IT product portfolio, Wipro said on Thursday.

These aviation IT solutions will be offered as licensing or Software as a Service. The Transportation sector and in specific the Airline industry is a focus area for Wipro.

Wipro’s enterprise solutions for aviation sector include products for crew management, route profitability analysis, loyalty management, inflight catering, aircraft maintenance planning and crisis management.

Mobility solutions from Wipro include products for pilots, cabin crew and flight dispatchers.


Wipro aims at addressing critical airline business functions, which have a direct bearing on service quality, operational efficiency and strategic decision making.

Airline companies can benefit as these new IT products provide competitive advantage through comprehensive functional features complimented by open technology platforms.

Qatar Airways has already benefited and enhanced customer service and operational efficiency. ( Qatar Airways ties up with Wipro Infotech to create more efficiency )

The Doha-based airline has a modern fleet of 129 aircrafts flying to 129 key business and leisure destinations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and The Americas.

“We are developing new IPs with Qatar Airways which will augment our available suite of solutions. We believe that this portfolio of products will transform the Airline industry and help them do business better,” said Anand Sankaran, senior vice president and business head, Global Infrastructure Services at Wipro Infotech.

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