Windows Server with Hyper-V the no.1 in India in Q1 2014

Microsoft announced that Windows Server with Hyper-V has become the top x86 and EPIC based hypervisor in India in Q1 2014.

Windows Server with Hyper-V now owns 47.5 percent market share in the country, ahead of its nearest competitor by 3.1 points, Microsoft said.

Hyper-V is a part of Windows Server 2012 R2 and offers greater scalability and flexibility to customers for virtualizing their existing on-premises infrastructure.

Coupled with System Center and Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V also enables enterprises to quickly deploy and manage hybrid cloud services, the company said.

“Virtualization with Hyper-V is the stepping stone for enterprises in transitioning their legacy IT infrastructure to cloud. It helps them keep pace with the rapidly evolving platform demands of modern business,” said Tyler Bryson, general manager, Marketing and Operations, Microsoft India.

Microsoft Hyper-V and System Center, according to Microsoft, is designed to provide customers with the mTyler Bryson, Microsoft Indiaost cost-effective hosting platform.

Hyper-V was enhanced with Windows Server 2012 R2 to include features that provide flexibility through enhancements to Live Migration and, enhanced virtual networking, storage and administration.

With Hyper-V virtualization built into Windows Server customers get world class features and performance, Microsoft said. With System Center, they can also build elasticity into cloud and datacenter. It brings greater infrastructure flexibility, simplified IT administration and more efficient and cohesive operations, Microsoft said.

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