West IP Communications upgrades cloud-based contact center solutions

Infotech Lead America: West IP Communications has made upgrades to its cloud-based contact center solution.

(source: blog.zingaya.com)

The provider of cloud-based communication applications and services said the enhancements will maximize efficiency, increase productivity and position administrators and agents to deliver more effective customer service.

“Call center administrators and agents live in a dynamic business environment each and every day. They face changing business conditions, unpredictable call volumes, corporate governance policies and demanding customers,” said Bob Wise, executive vice president of West IP Communications.

“West IP Communications helps call center employees ensure excellence in customer service through ControlMaxx, which can scale with call volumes as contact center locations grow. Both facilities-based and home-based personnel have full access to ControlMaxx tools with centralized management and reporting,” Wise added.

The enhancements to ControlMaxx include an improve user interface, multimedia queuing, session tags and improved reporting capabilities.

Main features:

  • Redesigned menu system for easier navigation and updated call flow component layouts for visual consistency and ease of use
  • Supports Secure web protocol (HTTPS/SSL) for enhanced security
  • Queuing capabilities for voice calls and chat discussions, opening up a new channel of communication with an organization’s customers
  • Queues can be prioritized for call distribution, ensuring agents in multiple queues will get the highest priority call
  • Audio syncing capabilities with video for better monitoring, quality assurance and training purposes
  • Supervisors are able to join agents on customer calls, in addition to monitor and whisper features, for better call resolution

The upgraded solution enables administrators to provide relevant identifiers for use by agents during their calls or chats. Supervisors can also view and filter by identifiers in the Session Reports for better understanding of the relevance of a particular call or chat.

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