Walkover Web dumps MySQL and taps MongoDB

MongoDB announced that Walkover Web Solutions has migrated from a rival database to MongoDB for its product, MSG91 to improve messaging capability by 100 times.

Walkover Web Solutions is an IT consultant and service provider that specializes in innovative web applications.

MSG91 is an application that offers various SMS solutions for transactional services, where delivery of time sensitive information is crucial. It products include MSG91, save and search, giddh, hostnsoft, ineedname and utteru.

Walkover Web Solutions’ MSG91 was built on MySQL but the company noticed that when the customer increased its demand for app, it could not provide beyond 500,000 messages per day.

Walkover Web Solutions migrated the app to MongoDB to meet the growing demand and maintain the high level of functionality.

With MongoDB, MSG91 can handle more than 50 million mobile messages per day.


Companies like eBay, Viacom and New York Times are using MongoDB to manage their data.

Last year, MongoDB and HCL Infosystems partnered. Their partnership allows HCL Infosystems to broaden its solution offerings in the emerging big data segment by developing services among MongoDB.

“Data is at the heart of our business strategy as we move into a new era of mobile communication. It’s absolutely vital to our business to work with technology that can trust. With MongoDB we get a package which includes all of that, and helps us deliver a better user experience,” said Pushpendra Agarwal, CEO, Walkover Web Solutions.

Also, Sporting Solutions is also using MongoDB as the database for its Sporting Solutions Connect platform since 2014.

In 2013, MySQL was ditched by Google as Google chooses MariaDB but on the contrary in 2014 Snapdeal replaced MongoDB with Aerospike to manage millions of pricing and inventory records.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]