VTB Bank deploys Riverbed SteelHead to improve application performance

VTB Bank, a financial institution in Russia, has deployed Riverbed Technology’s SteelHead to improve application performance, productivity of employees and experience of end-users.

SteelHead has taken the pressure off VTB Bank’s over-subscribed network by decreasing data traffic by 62 percent, accelerating application performance and providing greater visibility and control of its business-critical applications.

At the time of implementation, the non-centralised bank system included 57 servers in Moscow and 57 servers in the remaining regions. The application and data traffic between branches passed through Moscow and put additional pressure on the network due to the ever-increasing growth in traffic.

“With the help of Riverbed we managed to decrease the volume of data transferred by 62 percent in all branches and data centers, thus freeing up bandwidth for critical business and multimedia applications,” said Dmitry Nazipov, senior vice president of VTB Bank.

The company says Riverbed Application Performance Platform gives CIOs visibility, optimization and control across an entire enterprise. SteelHead provides visibility into application performance and end-user experience and the ability to ensure business performance SLAs through an application-aware approach to hybrid networking.

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