Vorwerk deploying an infrastructure based on Red Hat solutions

Red Hat announced that Vorwerk is deploying an infrastructure based on Red Hat solutions for implementing a new Internet of Things (IoT) environment with multi-cloud support.

Vorwerk’s IoT initiative will be supported by Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat’s hybrid cloud solution built from enterprise-grade Kubernetes and Linux containers to expand device connectivity and application processing power.
Red Hat for business technologyVorwerk implemented a digital recipe ecosystem, “Cookidoo,” containing an IoT environment with multi-cloud support to integrate more than 1.5 million of its IoT devices. Cookidoo can be accessed directly via Thermomix, a kitchen appliance, using the Cook-Key accessory.

The Thermomix software backend consists of several thousand containers in hundreds of virtual machines (VMs) across hybrid and multicloud infrastructure, requiring a stable and fully-automated container platform to serve as the IoT backend.

Vorwerk selected Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to power its IoT environment and specifically Thermomix.

Red Hat said Vorwerk can create, deploy, and manage applications across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures using Red Hat’s enterprise-grade Kubernetes container application platform.

Vorwerk aims to increase its efficiency for the delivery of both modern and traditional applications with shorter development cycles and lower operating costs.

“With Red Hat as our partner, we have succeeded in creating an enhanced customer experience through improved device connectivity,” Michael Hosse, senior manager of digital architecture,Vorwerk, said.

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