Voicesense AI-based call center solution throws down a challenge to competitors

Voicesense, a provider of speech analytics and call center solutions, has announced predictive analytics-based enhancements to its call center offering.
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In this new version, Voicesense provides call center operators with an automated framework for predicting the behaviors of customers and agents during live operations.

The artificial intelligence (AI)-based solution analyzes live stream or pre-recorded audio to generate behavioral predictive analytics based on personality tendencies – a solution that emotions-based offerings can’t provide, say Voicesense officials.

The insights from these can be used for a number of use cases like sales/marketing, HR and call center operations across industries like fintech, telco, healthcare and more.

With the new version, Voicesense offers competition to leading call center analytics providers like NICE, Verint and Call Miner.

Most existing solutions rely on offline or historical data, so they have limited applications in sales for call center operations, says Yoav Degani, CEO of Voicesense.

The uniqueness of Voicesense is that it extracts and analyzes over 200 prosodic vocal parameters. These are the non-content features of a person’s speech, such as intonation, energy, pace and emphasis. Using AI algorithms, Voicesense then generates a personalized prediction of a person’s behavior.

Real-time, automated analysis personalizes the customer’s behavioral tendencies and significantly improves decision making, the company said.  For example, it can help fintech agents identify potential defaulters in prospects while also providing the best guidance to recover debt from existing customers.

Voicesense can support HR activities at call centers by improving QA process and identifying agent attrition. With real-time analysis, managers can get alerts on all critical conversations that need attention, as opposed to the conventional approaches where only random calls are checked for quality assurance.

The prosodic analysis also enables Voicesense to gain insights on agent’s working tendencies and identify agents that suffer from burnout.

Voicesense is currently offering a proof-of-concept trial of this new version of its speech-based predictive analytics solution for call centers.

Rajani Baburajan

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