Video: How CA Technologies takes innovation to a whole new level

CA Technologies is primarily known for its business-to-business “B2B” mainframe and distributed (client/server, etc.) information technology (IT) infrastructure applications since the spinoff of their security products into Total Defense. Last June, CA Technologies appointed Surya Panditi as its General Manager for India Technology Centre (ITC) in Hyderbad and Bengaluru.

In an interaction with Infotechlead, Surya Panditi spoke about how customer experience driving innovation to shape business models through digital transformation. Customer experience is redefining the way business operates today and software technology is at the heart of this digital transformation. To accelerate success, agility and responsiveness should be an organization’s DNA coupled with fostering innovation in modern software factories.

Watch the video:

CA Technologies has also come up with a new idea of garage which allows the employees experiment with various software and hardware in their own time and innovate further with their creativity.

The garage has indeed proved to be a great opportunity for everyone as now they are able to push their capabilities further and try to bring out a revolution in the world of innovation.

Shreya Joshi

[email protected]