Victoria deploys NCR self-checkout tech to improve shopping

Victoria Group, a supermarket chain in Russia, has selected NCR self-checkout technology to improve shopping experience.

NCR said its self-checkout hardware and software solutions will be integrated with Victoria’s existing points-of-sales (POS) loyalty programs.

Victoria Group launched the self-checkout at its supermarket at Domodedvskaya Metro station in Moscow on May 20, 2015.

Victoria aims to increase customer engagement and improve store sales by deploying self-checkout. In the first month, the new self-checkouts account for almost a quarter of the daily number of the supermarket’s transactions.
Customers can choose to pay using cash, credit or debit cards. A cash recycling function minimizes the need for replenishment and reduces operational costs by decreasing the number of cash deliveries required.

Meanwhile, 2015 NCR Restaurant Technology Pulse said that 67 percent restaurant owners and managers believe that technology has a direct impact on increased revenue. 35 percent of restaurants are more dependent on tech tools compared to a year ago.

“Restaurant owners and managers often work in fast-paced environments in which they tackle a variety of business challenges from inventory management to customer service to employee training and retention,” said Chris Poelma, president and general manager of NCR Small Business.

89 percent attributed cash registers and credit card readers to boosting productivity at their business. Eighty-four percent said Wi-Fi improves efficiency, and 78 percent said the same about mobile POS solutions.

Additionally,more restaurants are going online as a way to connect with current and potential customers. Almost 70 percent of the surveyed restaurants have accounts on social media, and 63 percent have traditional websites. 17 percent of the respondents still lack an online presence. 81 percent of respondents do not offer their menu items through mobile takeout apps like GrubHub and Eat24.

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