VeriFone Systems offers payment solutions to Galeries Lafayette

Infotech Lead Europe: VeriFone Systems will offer payment solutions to Galeries Lafayette, a department store chain in France.

The five-year agreement includes managed services, software, helpdesk and 3,200 of VeriFone’s VX 820 PIN acceptance devices that support credit, debit and EMV transactions, and include NFC/contactless technology for alternative payments.

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VeriFone’s PAYware Wynid, a managed services platform, will encompass all Galeries Lafayette payments across the chain, including cross-border payments from the retailer’s German operation.

In addition, Galeries Lafayette will also utilize VeriFone’s encryption and tokenization services to ensure the most secure payments environment.

“VeriFone was able to provide the most comprehensive payments solution to suit our needs over the foreseeable future, including encryption and tokenization of EMV payment transactions,” said Galeries Lafayette Director of Data Systems Laurent Singer.

VeriFone’s PAYware Wynid enables Galeries Lafayette to manage and host transactions for its German operations from France, easing certification requirements.

The VeriFone VX 820 PIN acceptance solution features a 3.5-inch high-resolution color touch screen that is consumer-friendly and provides high-impact color graphics to improve customer recognition and loyalty.

“Galeries Lafayette is one of the largest retailers in France — and operator of the biggest retail store in Paris with 750 card acceptance stations — and represents a tremendous competitive win for VeriFone in France,” said Olivier Guiot, VeriFone general manager, France.

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